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Feedback I've Received 

Heather Bingham, IBCLC

“When you first came to see us, I was desperate, in a huge amount of pain, and convinced E. would never learn how to latch properly. Now we are just a few weeks shy of her first birthday and I'm still breastfeeding... Your guidance and willingness to continue advising me over email were so crucial to my success. I have had this amazing blessing of a bonding experience with my girl--not to mention how good it feels to know the health benefits I'm giving her--and I can't thank you enough for being the key to making that work"

“Heather is absolutely amazing. She's helped me with both of my younger sons when we've encountered problems with breastfeeding. My oldest had an easy time breastfeeding, and I was struggling with my second when Heather helped identify the problem -- he had a tongue tie, and once we were able to get that clipped, we were on our way to a much happier and longer-term breastfeeding relationship. When my third son was born with a tongue tie, I knew enough to be proactive earlier, but Heather was happy to come and help me advocate for myself and my baby...Heather was a true treasure trove of information on the various explanations the doctors were suggesting, and was also just a great listening ear as I processed a lot of really tough possibilities. I recommend Heather to all my friends having babies -- she's an amazing resource we are lucky to have in our community."

“Heather was a godsend -- our son was delivered a little early by c-section, due to preeclampsia. He was immediately rushed off to a monitoring area since he was not breathing well. While we didn't have our hearts set on a specific birth scenario, that was not what we had hoped. In the coming days and weeks, he wouldn't breastfeed. He would only drink expressed breastmilk through a tube system called SNS. We saw countless (perhaps ten) lactation specialists. At week three, we had nearly given up on breastfeeding -- that's when we found Heather. She came to our home and was calming and reassuring. She patiently listened to our birth story and pondered some ideas. Within 20 mins, our son was breastfeeding. It was miraculous! We think she is one of the most amazing people and we will forever be grateful."

“Your response was very helpful and I truly appreciate your time. I've been able to breastfeed pretty successfully now for 9 months and haven't had to use the nipple shield since ~ 3 months, you helped me during some really challenging times earlier on, and I'm grateful for your help now too!"

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for such great work you do with your clients. You really helped me turn my breastfeeding experience around to be more positive and I really appreciate the work you do as well as the above and beyond effort you put into it. Thank you so much


“I want to thank you so much for all of your help getting me a good place, from initially flagging his tongue tie to helping to come up with a steady state regimen to tips for pumping once I go back to work. I'm really happy ...  and my supply has also increased from 3 weeks ago ... It feels great, and I don't know how we would have done it without you! "

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