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I am happy to work with you on any breastfeeding issues you may encounter.

Here is a sampling of issues I regularly address

I also help with weaning, bottle feeding, back-to-work, pumping, inducing lactation, positioning, simplifying breastfeeding, and other breastfeeding issues.

Insurance Information


Insurance will usually reimburse my services in full, with no copays or deductibles, but this can vary from plan to plan, so it is always good to call them to check.


With most insurers you would pay me at the visit with cash, check, or credit card. I will provide a coded receipt for submission to insurance. 


With Aetna, I can bill directly.

Latch Support

Breastfeeding shouldn't be painful. If a latch looks good, but still hurts, we will look for possible issues that may be interfering with comfortable breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Family, Laidback Breastfeding, Baby-led latch

Supply and Intake

I can help assess intake and efficiency, as well as trouble-shooting supply issues. We will come up with a plan to optimize milk production and transfer.

Breastmilk Breast milk

Making it all Work

Integrating a baby into a family, fitting in feeding, pumping, etc. Coming up with a routine that works for you to meet your goals.

Breastfeeding Family
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